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Events and Activities

QBC events that have ended are listed here. This page will not show past instances of recurring events that have not ended. Upcoming QBC events can be found on the Events and Activities page. If you prefer, a Monthly Calendar view of events is also available.

10 Great Ideas from Church History

Can the contemporary church really learn valuable lessons from the past? 10 Great Ideas from Church History answers this question with a resounding “Yes!”. Be challenged by great ideas from the last 500 years that have stood the test o time.

2022 Fall Women’s Retreat with Susan Heck

2022 Fall Women’s Retreat. Author Susan Heck will teach about “Holy Living in an Unholy Culture”. Continental Breakfast and Lunch included on Saturday.

Hebrews – Men’s Study

Written to a group of Jewish Christians facing persecution in the mid-first century AD, the words of Hebrews speak to Christians everywhere about standing firm in Jesus Christ.

Women's Bible Study

Colossians – Women’s Study

Women’s Bible Study on the book of Colossians using the “With the Master” series by Susan Heck.

zoomerang logo

Zoomerang – VBS 2022

Zoomerang is a sanctity of life VBS in the land down under! Be prepared to experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the arid temperature of outback afternoons, the architectural marvels of Australia’s modern cities, and the fascinating eucalyptus forest, home of the koalas.

Winter Basketball

Join us every Tuesday during the winter for supervised pick-up basketball on our indoor court starting at 7:00 p.m. There is one half-size court where we run 3 on 3. Scoring is ones and twos with games to eleven unless there two or fewer teams waiting then games are to fifteen. In addition to basketball, we break halfway into the evening for a short Gospel message. It is open to high school age and above with play time being skill-based.