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Recommended Reading

Thank you for visiting the Quidnessett Baptist Church recommended reading list. We have selected books which we believe will be of great value to your spiritual growth and welcomed additions to your libraries.

Most of the book detail pages will direct contain links to where the book can be purchased, or you can visit the other suggested retailers, located in a sidebar block on the right-hand side or bottom of each page.

The Christian Mind

How Should a Christian Think?

TAKE UP AND READ.  Our May 2024 book recommendation is an older book but a relevant and “must read” for Christians in the 21st century.  Originally published in 1963, The Christian Mind, authored by Harry Blamires, addresses the critical place of the mind in Christian living.  As we watch the chaos and radicalization of many in our…

Untangling Emotions

Recommendation from Pastor Jim Sole (April 01, 2024): TAKE UP AND READ. Our book of the month recommendation in our church for April is . . . Untangling Emotions by J. Alasdair Grove/ Winston T. Smith, published by Crossway, 240 pages. This is an excellent read addressing a battle all of us face – emotions.   Here is…

Transforming Grace

Living Confidently in God's Unfailing Love

Recommendation from Pastor Jim Sole (March 01, 2024): The opening chapter title excites us to read this book that will be a great help in learning how to live by God’s grace, and not our conduct. The title is The Performance Treadmill. Bridges writes, “We are all legalistic by nature; that is, we innately think so much…

Is God Really in Control?

Trusting God in a World of Hurt

Recommendation from Pastor Jim Sole (April 17, 2020): I hope this is finding you well as we live out day-by-day the unfolding of God’s sovereign and providential will for His world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our normal routines have been radically altered, and the world’s busyness in activities, events, and social life has been removed…