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Recommended Reading

Thank you for visiting the Quidnessett Baptist Church recommended reading list. We have selected books which we believe will be of great value to your spiritual growth and welcomed additions to your libraries.

Most of the book detail pages will direct contain links to where the book can be purchased, or you can visit the other suggested retailers, located in a sidebar block on the right-hand side or bottom of each page.

Being There by Dave Furman

Being There

How to Love Those Who are Hurting

 This is a helpful little book from a pastor who knows hurt and suffering to great depths.  The book is transparent, practical, and rich in Biblical truth showing us how to minister to those around us in deep pain.

Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?

Well, we are less than two weeks till spring and in preparation from a reading standpoint, here is our seasonal book recommendation for your encouragement and growth in the Lord. This spring’s selection is titled DOES GRACE GROW BEST IN WINTER?. It is a small paperback consisting of 87 pages, authored by Ligon Duncan with J. Nicholas Reid. It is published by P & R Publishing.