Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

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It will be the wisest and most mature Christian who understands and lives life in this world preparing for the next world and judgment. This means we parent guided by Biblical direction and for eternity; we work on our marriages by modeling Christ and His relationship with His church; we invest our time and resources for what is most important and will last for eternity, people; and we live Christ-centered in all things driven by His Gospel in word and deed (2 Corinthians 5:10).

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Encounters With the Master – Lessons in Discipleship – Part 3

This Lord’s Day evening, Pastor Jim continues with part two of a three week series from the Gospel of Matthew showing us key elements of discipleship taught by Jesus. In part two, we encounter a woman in a desperate physical situation. From her interaction with Jesus, we will learn of His loving heart and lessons about true faith from the woman.

The Speeches of Elihu: Truths Affirmed of Our God – Part 3

This Lord’s Day, we continue listening to the man Elihu and his place in the book of Job. In his second speech, he corrects Job’s complaints of the unfairness of God in dealing with people. Elihu will reveal God is good, fair, and just in His judgment of all people.

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9:00 am Sundays - Everyone welcome

Our study groups meet at the same time as children's Sunday School; drop the kids and join us!