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Christian, make your choice company and companions Christians who are committed to pray individually and with other believers; are committed to being in the Word individually and with other believers; and are faithfully meeting with other believers for worship. Not only are this privileges and responsibilities commanded of God, but they are sure safeguards to keep us from drifting into a lukewarm spiritual condition. The old saying, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” may be true in some cases, but in the Christian life, “distance makes the heart grow cold” (Acts 2:42).

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Parents, Awana Clubs are a great place for your kids to learn, build teamwork, and have fun.

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The Apostle Paul – A Model of Praying for Believers

In this most personal of letters from the Apostle Paul, he bears his heart of love to these Thessalonians. In doing so, he shows one of the highest displays of love for believers – praying. Lord willing, we will look at the prayers of the Apostle Paul for the Thessalonian believers and see a model to follow in our own prayer lives.