Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

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Let the hard times in life produce clinging times in life. When Mary Magdalene was grieving over Jesus’ death and she saw Him in His resurrected state, the scripture tells us she sought to cling to the Lord. God will bring difficulties into our lives not to hurt or harm us but to draw us nearer to Himself. He wants us to become His spiritually clinging children not His worldly drifting children (John 20:17).

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The Apostle Paul’s Prayer for Experiential Christianity – Part 5

A study of the prayers of the Apostle Paul is rich not only in doctrinal truth but practical Christianity. In his second prayer in the letter the Ephesians, the petitions define the high of Christian experience – to know the love of Christ and the fullness of God. It is in praying and seeing the Lord answer this prayer that we enter into the true Biblical experience of the Christian life – walking under the control of Christ’s incredibly love. In part five of the examination of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3, Pastor Jim talks about where Paul asks God to apply His power; our innermost being.

Pursuing a Holy Life: The Motivations

The chief aim in the life of a Christian is to glorify God by conforming more and more into His image and that of being holy. And holiness is a necessity to endure suffering with joy for without holiness, we cannot fellowship with Him who is our joy. In the Apostle Peter’s instructions to the suffering Christians in Asia Minor, his exhortation to holiness is an invitation to know Him who is our joy and strength in suffering.

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