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The daily fight in the Christian life is against formidable foes. The accusing devil strives to get our eyes off Jesus and onto our sins leading to a joyless life of doubt and fear. The alluring world seeks to draw our hearts to the pleasures of the world instead of pleasures of the Word leading to sins of discontent and complaining. But the most dangerous spiritual foe we face is the person we greet in the mirror each morning. It is self that leads us to the worse form of deception; self-deception and that by justifying disobedience, promoting self-righteousness, and living a half-hearted Christian life toward the things of God. Be on guard against our spiritual foes, but be especially on guard against self. He or she will do the most damage in our Christian life (Proverbs 3:5-8).

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A Message from the Elders

Message from QBC Elders - 07/26/2020

Updates, encouragement, and exhortations from the QBC elders on Sunday July 26, 2020. Summary: Elimination of the requrement to pre-register for in-person services, VBS, the persecuted church, and an exhortation to share our hope with others.

Posted by Quidnessett Baptist Church on Sunday, August 2, 2020

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A Church of First Love

This Lord’s Day, we begin a series in the New Testament Book of 1 Thessalonians. In this church, we see a wonderful flock of Jesus’ sheep living out first love for Him and people under the good pastoral leadership of first love leaders. Lord willing, we will enter a church to model if we want to make our difference for Christ in our culture and generation.

Human Suffering, Injustice and the Christian Response – Part 8

In part eight of our series, we continue looking at the Christian response to what is happening in our world. And the most important response is for the church of Jesus Christ to be the church of Jesus Christ. This is defined as His people living out first love to Him in power and influence. This Lord’s Day, we do the hard work of self-examination to see if we have lost first love and thus offer the world no life-giving hope in the love of Christ.


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