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Life is full of all kinds of storms. They range from difficult circumstances, unchangeable situations, intense trials, challenging relationships and prolonged seasons of suffering. Yet, Christian, we must cling to three truths in all life's storms. First, they didn't just come into our lives. They were sent into our lives by the sovereign God of all storms. The second truth to rest upon is that the God who sent the storms will be in the storms with us; a refuge He has promised to be. And the third truth to rely upon during the raging storms of life is that the God of storms sent it for our good, not our destruction. He is doing a good work even in the many storms of life. He must (Psalm 42:7; Philippians 1:6).

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Awana Clubs

Awana Clubs - cubbies, sparks, t and t

Awana Clubs Every Wednesday at 6:15pm!

Kids participate in games, handbook exercises, and council time where they have fun and learn about biblical truths.

Parents, Awana Clubs are a great place for your kids to learn, build teamwork, and have fun.

For more information check out our Awana ministry page or call the church office.

(401 884-9111)

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Summer Basketball

Quidnessett Baptist Church
cubbies, sparks, t and t

Awana Opening

Quidnessett Baptist Church

Evening Prayer Meeting

Quidnessett Baptist Church

Youth Group

Quidnessett Baptist Church

Revive 19 Conference

Quidnessett Baptist Church


Fellowship with God: Joy

We continue our study of 1 John looking at fellowship with God. It is a fellowship of joy. Does that define us? Are we enjoying the Lord? We look at what it means to enjoy fellowship with the living God.

Knowing God Through Prayer – Part 7

We continue our study of the Apostle Paul’s first prayer for the believers in Ephesus. His initial petition is that they would know God deeper and our focus is on His love. Our look on this Lord’s Day will be seeing ten qualities of God’s love that will prove to sustain us in all of life’s ups and downs.

Fellowship with God: The Hypocrite and True Believer

This Lord’s Day evening we continue our study of 1 John looking at fellowship with God and particularly, the contrasts the Apostle John makes between a hypocrite professing faith in Christ and the true believer walking with Christ.

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