Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Thought of the day—

The most liberating, motivating, and sustaining truth to propel us to live for the Lord Jesus with daily zeal, passion, and purpose is to grasp what God the Father has done for us. He has given us as gifts of grace to His Son. Six times in Jesus’ High Priestly prayer He mentions believers are ‘given to Him’ by His Father. The Apostle Jude writes, ‘To those who are called, beloved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ.’ Do we see ourselves as God the Father’s gifts of grace to His Son? Do we understand salvation is not making a decision for Jesus but is being given to Jesus by the Father as love gifts? If we start seeing, understanding, and marveling over the staggering love of God the Father in giving us to His Son as gifts of grace, we will not drift so easily into a stale, routine, mediocre, and lukewarm Christian experience. Just the opposite will happen. We will live every day with praise, passion, and purpose toward such a loving God (John 17:1-24; Jude 1).