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Thought of the day—

Every Christian marriage is to be a model of the relationship Jesus Christ has with His bride, the church. God has designed marriage to be a witness of the power of the Gospel and a testimony of His Son’s inseparable union with His people. Godly marriages are to be gospel-witnessing marriages. And should we desire our marriages to be such, they must be based on the Gospel, centered on the Lordship of Christ, and lived in daily obedience to God’s Word. But before these things take shape in a marriage, something else must be in place or the witness will not exist. Every husband and wife must be individually abandoned to Jesus Christ with life’s chief passion to know Him and become like Him. This means the greatest contribution a husband and wife gives to their marriage is a close and spiritually uncompromised walk with the Lord Jesus (Ephesians 5:22-33; 1 Peter 3:1-7).

Daily Nugget

Parents, VBS is coming soon! This year VBS will be in the morning from July 9th to the 13th. Registration is now open. You can view details and download a registration form on the Operation Arctic page. We are also still looking for adult volunteers.

For more information contact Jon Sole, check out our VBS ministry page, or call the church.

(401 884-9111)

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Salt and Light in a Decaying Culture – Part 4

We will look at how submission is applied in salvation, sanctification, and service which sets the foundation for living as salt and light in our public lives and our family relationships. In our journey through 1 Peter, the Apostle is showing us how to live as salt and light in decaying culture. And the first point of emphasis he makes is what describes the whole of the Christian life – submission.

Starting a Journey through Proverbs

In this message, as an introduction to our thematic study of Proverbs, Pastor Jim shares how Christ and our relationship to Him is embodied in wisdom.

Salt and Light in a Decaying Culture – Part 3

Paul tells us because of our identity in God, we are on a mission – to be salt and light in a culture desperately needing to see the reality of Him from His people. Part 3.

Operation Christmas Child June Suggested Donation is Toys

Items may be dropped off in the OCC carton in the Ministry Wing lobby or the coat room in the Sanctuary.

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Sunday Spotlight

ABF – Hebrews is a group that is doing an in-depth study of the book of Hebrews using a NavPress Life Change Series workbook. This is a read, prepare (homework), and group discussion format. This class meets in the Berean Room with Gene messier and Greg Phipps co-leading.

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