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Thought of the day—

When our prayers lives begin to drift into a dangerous formality of mere words and imbalanced with many petitions for ourselves and little praise to God, stop and consider what prayer truly is. Prayer is the language of love. It is God’s gift to us to commune with Him; to enjoy His presence and adore His Person. There is one word which will always awaken us from the slumber of cold and formal prayer. It is the word “Father.” Ponder this relationship we have with the eternal God and prayer will be a delight pursued not a duty performed with dullness or neglected all together (John 17:1-26).

Daily Nugget

Awana Clubs - cubbies, sparks, t and t
Awana Starts Soon!
Kids get excited because all of your Awana favorites are returning this year!

Parents, registration starts soon. Awana Club kick-off date is September 27th. We are also still looking for adult volunteers.

For more information check out our Awana ministry page or call the church office.

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A Prayer for Love in Action – Part 2

In this message we enter into our second study of the Apostle Paul’s prayer for the Philippian believers. As we do, our focus has been on the man praying. What made Paul the prayer warrior he was? What moves his heart and shapes his life? Last message, we saw a man who was Christ-centered, Christ-controlled, and Christ-consumed. We will now look into the heart of Paul in his love for the Philippian believers; a love that always leads to praying for others effectively and affectionately.

A Prayer for Love in Action – Part 1

This message continues our journey through the prison prayers of the Apostle Paul by beginning an exploration of Paul’s prayer for the Philippian believers. This prayer is actually an application of knowing Christ’s love from the prayer of Ephesians 3:14-19. In addition, this prayer shows us the mark of genuine love for others; interceding for them with clear purpose and affection. Paul is instructing the Philippian believers and us to put into greater action the love of Christ they are already experiencing.


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