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Thought of the day—

It is the most dangerous of spiritual conditions to be in; to know areas of disobedience exist in our lives and do nothing about them. Whether it be the sins of spiritual neglect, indifference, laziness, worldliness, lack of self-control, uncontrolled speech, impulsive anger, impatience, critical spirit, judgmental attitude, or the lusts of the eyes and things of the world feeding the heart, this condition is the most serious in the life of a Christian. It silences the Voice and Work of the Spirit of God leading to a spiritual insensitivity. The result will be a life of lifeless, formal religion not Christ-centered, Biblical defined Christianity. And the longer this condition continues, the harder the heart becomes to where only an amazing work of grace in personal revival can recover this sick soul (Matthew 24:12).

Daily Nugget

Awana Clubs - cubbies, sparks, t and t

Awana Starts Soon!

Kids get excited because all of your Awana favorites are returning this year!

Parents, registration starts soon. Tentative start date is September 27th. Once we have the dates nailed down we will update you via the bulletin and here on the website. We are also still looking for adult volunteers.

For more information check out our Awana ministry page or call the church office.

(401 884-9111)


The Apostle Paul’s Prayer for Experiential Christianity – Part 11

In this message Pastor Jim continues our study in the Prison Prayers of the Apostle Paul. This prayer contains two petitions and the second one is what defines the Christian life and experience – to know the love of Christ in its breadth, length, height, and depth. Should we pray and God answer this prayer, it will be the very essence of a revived church and Christian.

Model of a Holy Life: Our Lord Jesus – Part 2

The chief aim in the life of a Christian is to glorify God by conforming more and more into His image and that of being holy. And our holiness is not measured by conduct foremost but by looking to our God who is holy, holy, holy. In this message Pastor Jim continues to look at the Lord Jesus Christ as the model of our holiness; through the glory of his incarnation. It is by beholding Him, we not only see holiness for what it truly is but are conformed more and more into His image by this beholding.


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