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Perhaps we might know more the favor of God in revival, renewal, and the reality of our profession of faith if learned to be Christians, not Pharisees, by not looking and being critical for what is wrong in our churches and other Christians and start seeing the Presence of Christ in both; to see the good and not the inevitable faults (1 Timothy 3:15).

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Seeking Revival: Loving People as Jesus Loves – Part 13

This Lord’s Day evening, we look at the tenth quality of love – it does not rejoicing in wrong doing but rejoiced in the truth. We hope to learn practical ways to think and thus act toward other believers as God would have us – in and through His truth.

Job: The Main Character – Part 2

This Lord’s Day, we continue observing the main character in the Old Testament book bearing his name – JOB. In looking at the character of this godly man and now, his possessions and how he handled them, we learn the necessary spiritual foundations necessary if we are to suffer will for the glory of God.

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