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Thought of the day—

There is not a day goes by Christians are not engaged in spiritual warfare, but we must be clear on the definition of spiritual warfare. Too many Christians seem to think every tough circumstance, trying situation, or tense relationship is spiritual warfare. As a result they constantly are looking under “every rock for a demon” or seek to blame the devil for every spiritual challenge they face. What this reveals is not an understanding of spiritual warfare but a misunderstanding of Biblical spiritual warfare. We may define this warfare by looking to Jesus and the warfare He fought in the wilderness temptation. The devil attacked the Lord in three areas – to doubt His identity, to presume upon God’s grace, and to fuel self-exaltation (pride). And Satan’s tactics have not changed. He will attack us with doubts of our identity in Christ; tempt us to be spiritually slothful, presuming upon God’s grace; and seek to have us focus on ourselves, not Christ, by drawing our attention to self-exaltation, self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction, self-expression, and anything about ourselves except self-denial. Don’t make spiritual warfare something it isn’t. It is all about getting our eyes of Christ and placing them on ourselves (Matthew 4:1-11).

Daily Nugget

Parents, VBS is coming soon! This year VBS will be in the morning from July 22nd to the 26th. Registration is now open. You can view details on the Time Lab page or register now.

For more information contact Jon Sole, check out our VBS ministry page, or call the church.

(401 884-9111)


The Assurance of Salvation: Its Importance and Means

This Lord’s Day evening we continue our study for the third dominant theme in his letter – assurance of salvation. We hope to look at seven ways to obtain assurance of salvation and thus live a life of joy and influence for the Lord Jesus. .

Knowing God: The Evidence We Do – Part 2

This Lord’s Day morning, we continue our study of the Apostle Paul’s first prayer for the believers in Ephesus. His initial petition is that they would know God deeper meaning they already knew Him. We hope to look at the evidence that we too also know Him and thus are able to pray this prayer to know Him better.

The Importance and Steps to Having Assurance of Salvation

This Lord’s Day evening we will enter into the study for the third dominant theme in his letter – assurance of salvation. We hope to look at four reasons why assurance is important and the seek to understand the means God has given us to have assurance. Assurance is a key issue in the Christian life and determines both the quality and effectiveness of our faith in Christ.


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