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Recommended Reading

Thank you for visiting the Quidnessett Baptist Church recommended reading list. We have selected books which we believe will be of great value to your spiritual growth and welcomed additions to your libraries.

Most of the book detail pages will direct contain links to where the book can be purchased, or you can visit the other suggested retailers, located in a sidebar block on the right-hand side or bottom of each page.

Why We Love the Church

Why We Love the Church is a wonderful look at the value of the church, its importance in Christian growth, and the beauty when imperfect people commit, through thick and thin, to build a community of Christ-centered love right in their literal community.

God in the Whirlwind

How the holy-love of God reorients our world

God in the Whirlwind is an excellent look into God’s love and identifies some significant contemporary issues facing the church which will allow us to see just how controlled by God’s love we really are.

A Praying Life book

A Praying Life

Connecting With God In A Distracting World

A Praying Life addresses the challenges, difficulties, and successes in a life of prayer. Full of practical illustrations from the author’s own life and saturated with scripture, it will prove helpful in our desire for a more effective and intimate prayer life.

Respectable Sins

Confronting the Sins We Tolerate

Jerry explores the idea that we have created a sliding scale where sin is concerned. That we have allowed certain sins be become tolerable. In Respectable Sins he guides us, through scriptural truth, into identifying and facing the challenge of these sins.