Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Our History

Since June 2, 1828, Jesus Christ has been building His church at Quidnessett. God has used 22 pastors to shepherd this flock. In recent years these are some of the great things God has been doing.

Norman Townsend (1944 – 1958) began with an average Sunday morning attendance of forty. But the church and community responded to a full-time pastor who was young, energetic and Bible centered and under God’s blessing. This led to a complete turn-a-round for QBC. In his fourteen year pastorate, he baptized 285 people, church membership climbed to 585 and was still growing with morning attendance averaging 465 and evening service attendance of 246. Sunday School averaged 719. The church was united and it seemed as if every member was working.

Edward Stady (1958 – 1967) was a preacher and a builder who led QBC into the construction of the Education and Administration buildings.

Harold Burchett (1967 – 1979) was a man committed to edification and family ministry. Under his strong leadership QBC planted CCF (Cranston Christian Fellowship) in 1976 and sent out over a hundred folks to help.

Glyn Evans (1981 – 1986) is a loving and gifted pastor who led QBC in some wonderful years. Under his leadership a second church, Exeter Chapel, was sent out with a hundred folks from QBC.

John Barnett (1988 – 1995) came with much enthusiasm to QBC. With a strong emphasis on the sufficiency of the Word of God and with a desire to mobilize every believer to minister his God-given gifts within this local body of the Church, our fellowship grew.

Bark Fahnestock (1996 – 2005) served as a missionary in Ethiopia for 28 years and Senior Pastor of the International Church of Ethiopia. Knowing Quidnessett’s need for a pastor and sensing God’s leading that his ministry in Ethiopia was drawing to a close, he accepted the call to be our pastor. Under his leadership our corporate worship has been strengthened with all glory being given to the Lord who alone is worthy of our praise.

Jim Sole (2002 – Present) came to QBC after completing 24 years of active duty in the United States Navy. He began serving as the assistant pastor in 2002, assuming his current role in 2005. Pastor Jim’s desire is to see QBC grow in her vision of being a great WIFE for the Lord Jesus; a body seeking to model the principles of the ACTS 2 church where Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, and Evangelism were the four pillars bringing honor to the Lord and genuine intimacy with the living God.

*Be sure to visit our Heritage Center in the back of our sanctuary