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James – Men’s Bible Study

The letter of James, overflowing with literary simplicity and theological depth, rewards thoughtful study. Moreover, it contains the wisdom of God for daily life and points to Christ as the Lord of the church and the giver of grace.

The men’s Wednesday night bible study group will be starting James: Portrait of a Living Faith on September 21st at 6:15pm in the Church Library. Contact Jon Sole or Mike Fahlsing for more information. You can secure a copy through church for $10 or order one from your favorite retailer.

About the Study Guide

With 59 commands in 108 verses, the epistle of James has an obvious zeal for law. In his imperatives, James directly communicates the royal law, the law of King Jesus (2:8). In this commentary, Daniel M. Doriani reveals the double mention of God’s grace at the rhetorical climax of the book shows that the gospel of James is the message of God’s grace for sinners.

This Reformed Expository Bible Study is designed for personal and group use. Each lesson connects to the rest of the Bible and holds to the same standards as the Reformed Expository Commentary series: a high view of Scripture; a Christ-centered focus; a Reformed theological basis; and an emphasis on personal application and prayer.