Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Job: Building a Theology of Suffering

Bildad: His First Speech

This Lord’s Day, the second friend of Job speaks to him – Bildad. In his words, we find a self-righteous and cruel friend who models for us how not to counsel fellow believers who are suffering. Though Bildad will speak some truth, he does so without love and instead of helping his friend, he deepens his pain with his cruel and insensitive counsel.

Job’s First Response to Eliphaz: An Open Book Life

This Lord’s Day, we continue with part two of Job’s response to the counsel from his friend Eliphaz. In it, we will hear a suffering child of God brutally honest and transparent in prayer before his God. It is a wonderful picture of our close we are to be to God as revealed in the qualities and authenticity of our prayers.