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The Holiness of God

Well, summer is upon us and it is time for our seasonal book recommendation for your encouragement and growth in the Lord.  This summer’s selection is titled THE HOLINESS OF GOD authored by R. C. Sproul.  This is not a new book but a classic; and one I put in the MUST READ FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN category.

We live in an increasingly godless society and its influence upon Christians and the church are real.  Worldliness, lukewarm spiritual states, and a noticeable lack of impact in our culture as salt and light of the Lord Jesus is easy to see among the professing church. All Christians would readily agree the need of the hour is God to send us revival, even another Great Awakening as in the 18th century.  And should God favor us with revival, it will be a revival of encountering the God who is Holy, Holy, Holy which in turn will produce holy Christians and holy local churches.

In this classic book on the holiness of God, Dr. Sproul has produced a profound Biblically-saturated book which will serve us well in the pursuit of holiness.  Here is one excerpt… “The idea of holiness is so central to biblical teaching that it is said of God, ‘Holy is His name.’  His name is holy because He is holy. If I were to ask a group of Christians what the top priority of the Church is, I am sure I would get a wide variety of answers. Some would say, ‘evangelism’, others ‘social action’, and still others, ‘spiritual nurture’. But I have yet to hear anyone talk about what Jesus’ priorities were. What is the first petition of the Lord’s Prayer? Jesus said, ‘When you pray, pray like this, ‘Our Father which are in heaven’. The first line of the prayer is not a petition. It is a form of personal address. The prayer continues, ‘Hallowed be Your Name.’  We often confuse the words ‘Hallowed be Your Name’ with part of the address as if the words  where ‘Hallowed is Your Name.’  In that case the words would merely be an ascription of praise to God. But that is not how Jesus said it. He uttered it as a petition, as the first petition. We should be praying that God’s name be hallowed, that God be regard as holy.” (pages 24-25).

I cannot stress enough the importance of this book. It has life-changing power and will be one of the most important books you will ever read.  Buy it, read it multiple times, pray through it.  It will educate you and enflame your heart to seek the God who is holy, holy, holy.

In the affection of Christ Jesus,
Pastor Jim

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