Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Sipping Saltwater

How to find lasting satisfaction in a world of thirst

This book by Steve Hoppe presents a honest exposure of the sin of idolatry. Using sipping saltwater as a metaphor for our attempt to satiate our inner longings with worldly things that will never satisfy; the author compares the futility of chasing after our heart idols with the fulfillment that comes from sweet living water that is Jesus Christ.

The trap is when we think of idolatry only in the form of the ‘forbidden’ things. Christians can make idols of anything, even the good things that God gives us, if we elevate them above Christ. The author then goes on to explain how idolatry leads to addiction, characterized as the saltwater cycle. It consists of three steps, repeats itself endlessly, and eventually leads to hell, both in this life and in the life to come.

But we can find freedom by drinking the living water (John 4:1-14) of Jesus Christ and falling in love with Him and replace our affections for saltwater with affections for Christ.

This book is highly recommended as an honest introduction to the concept of heart idolatries, how to identify them, and how to overcome them.

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