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God’s Grace in Your Suffering

Here is a pre-spring book recommendation that I believe will be of tremendous help and encouragement in your walk with the Lord.


Early this morning my wife was reading and came across a quote from this book. She asked, “Do you have this book?”  I responded, “Yes, just got it. It is new. Haven’t read all of it yet.”  Well, what I have read and her quote from it, prompts this “urgent” must read recommendation. David Powlison is a godly Biblical counselor and has written excellent books to help the Christian. This one is really, really good and I strongly recommend that all “suffering” Christians, which really includes all Christians, to read this book. It will benefit us much. Here is one quote to “whet” your appetite.

Pastor Jim

CHAPTER SIX – My Loving Purpose Is Your Transformation

The essential change in your relationship with God radically changes your relationship to remaining sinfulness. In Christ, in order to sin, you must lapse into temporary insanity, into forgetfulness. It is your worst cancer, your most crippling disability, your most treacherous enemy, your deepest distress. It is the single most destructive force impacting your life. Like nothing else in all creation, this threatens your life and well-being.

Saying that our sins afflict us like a madness is not to justify or excuse our derangement. Your sin is your sin. When you get your back up in an argument, when you vegetate in front of a television, when you spin a fantasy world of romance or eroticism, when you grumble about the weather, when you obsess about your performance in the eyes of significant others, when you worry, nag, or gossip, you do these things. No evil twin, no hormone, no satanic agency, and no aspect of your upbringing can take credit or blame for the works of your flesh. You do it. You want to do it but you don’t really want to, when you come to your senses. And you do come to your senses. The conflicted dual consciousness of the Christian always lands on its feet, sooner or later. Yes, you drift off and commit sin. But you turn back to the Lord because you are more committed to Him. And you are more committed to Him because He is absolutely committed to you, and the new creature is already at work in you.  (page 80).

From David Powlison: GOD’s GRACE IN YOUR SUFFERING by Crossway, 117 pages.

David Powlison’s workshop from the 2005 Desiring God National Conference

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