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Radio Shema

Radio Shema reaches 12.3 million people (approximately 15% of the Turkish population) with broadcasting in Ankara, Samsun, and Antalya. As a safe space for Turks to explore and respond to the gospel of Christ, they offer diverse programming on women’s issues, Christian perspective, and encouraging music that speaks the truth.

Beyond the radio programming, Radio Shema invites ongoing conversation through social media. We currently engage with thousands on Facebook and other online platforms to amplify conversations about Christ and encourage the larger Christian community in Turkey.

With the growing needs of Turkish believers and seekers, Radio Shema is evolving to become Shema Media Group, an organization capable of helping to fill the void of available Christian materials in the country.

As God provides the resources, Shema Media Group will expand their reach via radio as well as in additional forms of media including online materials, video, and translation work.

The conversation is important. The need is great.

Donations and Support

Radio Shema partners with Antioch Network in the U.S. in order to collect tax-deductible gifts. To pledge or give via credit card, e-check, or PayPal just go to: This will redirect to a donation page on the Antioch Network.

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