Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Sunday Evening Prayer Service

QBC will be holding a concert of prayer Sunday nights in the sanctuary at 6:00 p.m. This is in lieu of the evening service as we continue to slowly re-open after the lock-down. There will be no zoom option. 

The meeting will be Elder-led with a focus on Word-based, Word-directed prayer. We will break out in small groups in the sanctuary throughout the prayer meeting as we pray for revival, our nation, and God’s empowerment to know and draw near to Him.  Our emphasis will include praying for temporal needs, but primarily spiritual petitions and seeking of God’s face. 

These meetings will continue through the end of the year, and include a church-wide fast, if you are medically able and desire to join. Jesus told us “When you fast” (Matthew 6:18a).  A fast as Jesus describes is normally an abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.  For instance, fasting lunch and giving the time over for prayer.  In this June fast,  it will be an abstaining from food.  The choices will be up to the individual as whether a full day fast or a partial fast of certain meals.  Whatever you choose, the desire is to give the time normally for the meal over to prayer and the Word.