Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

New Young Christian Ostracized – Laos

Kaili came to know Christ in 2017, after a teacher shared the gospel with her. But when Kaili’s mother found out, she told her daughter to abandon her new faith. Kaili explained that she could not turn her back on Jesus. “I have witnessed His love for me and know that Jesus is true,” she told her mother.

So her mother then removed Kaili’s name from the official family registry and told her that they were no longer mother and daughter. Kaili moved in with her pastor’s family, and when she visited her family several months later many villagers notices that she had changed. When they asked her about it, she told them, “Jesus taught me. I want to follow the right way and honor Him.” Kaili’s mother warned her to leave because the village authorities were planning to arrest her. “Please don’t come back,” her mother told her.

Pray for Kaili and for the pastor who is currently caring for her.