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RI Considers Similar Late Term Abortion Law as NY

Tuesday January 29th the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on House Bills H5125 and H5127. Both bills provide easing of restrictions for late-term abortions by doing away with the very narrowly defined terms to include a broad interpretation of endangering the mother’s “health”.  House H5127, sponsored by State Representative Edith Ajello and Senator Gayle Goldin, goes further by allowing for partial birth abortions and the repealing of existing abortion and unborn child laws across the state.

House H5125 is sponsored by House labor chairwoman Anastasia Williams and four other Representatives loyal to perennial House speaker Nicholas Mattiello. In addition to the watering down of restrictions on late-term abortions it seeks to expand the ability to give consent for minors to obtain abortions to non-parents, like adult siblings or grandparents. Of the two it is the one assumed most likely to pass into law.

The bills are scheduled to be discussed Tuesday, January 29th, beginning sometime after 4pm in Room 101, located on the Ground Floor of the West Wing of the  RI State House.

To get involved, visit the Rhode Island Right to Life Action Center

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