Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Threads of Good News

“Threads of Good News” clothing ministry, is one of our benevolent and community outreach ministries. It lovingly provides slightly used clothing for infants, children, and adults who live in our community. Selection varies from month to month and we attempt to have season appropriate clothing at all times. All in need are welcome, please feel free to drop by, shop, and chat  Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Are you interested in supporting the community and the clothing ministry? You can do so by donating gently used or new clothing to keep our selection replenished and refreshed. Please drop off clothing with volunteers during the times when the clothing room is open or place them in the collection hut just outside the ministry building doors. Please remember, we only accept clothing and clothing accessories (shoes, belts, satchels, purses).


Like all of us, those who come to the Clothing Ministry face various challenges in life. We, who believe, have God’s Word to assure us that God has a purpose for each challenge we face. However, many who we meet in the Ministry shop do not. Here is where our joy begins; not that we have solutions, but that we can listen, and pray with and for them. This is so that we can lead them to HOW MUCH Jesus so loves them, that HE loved them when HE created them, that HE loves them still (He is the God who is unchanging), WHY Jesus Himself had to die for us, and WHAT Jesus’ resurrection means for us who believe. We get to share with them an eternal hope, our eternal hope.


If you have a heart for serving the community and would like to share both a helping hand and the good news of Jesus Christ we would like to talk to you. Please contact the church office or Pauline Andersen to find out more.