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Lancaster, PA Tour and Production of Jesus

Road trip!

April 19-21, 2018 we will be taking a group tour to Lancaster PA, featuring the Sight & Sound Millennium Theater production of Jesus. All ages are welcome. For details contact Emerson Allaby, Lorraine Allaby, or the church office.

This trip is sponsored by the Young at Heart ministry. A $50 per person deposit is due 1/12/1028, with the final payment due 2/26/2018.

Lancaster PA

Lancaster is located in the heart of Pennsylvania and is one of the oldest inland towns in America. The town was home to several famous Americans including the nation’s 15th president, James Buchanan, and abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. President Buchanan’s estate Wheatland is one of the popular attractions. In addition to many historical sites, Lancaster is home to Franklin & Marshall College, the oldest Farmers Market, and the ALPB Barnstormers. Surrounding Lancaster County  is also home to a large number of Amish.

The Show Jesus

The Sight and Sound Theater production of Jesus tells the story of the greatest rescue of all time. It is an action-packed musical stage adventure that will take you on a miraculous journey alongside the most famous person to ever live, and the everyday people whose lives He changed forever. It is the story of our savior’s ministry, the people he impacted, the misconceptions and hypocrisies he challenged, and the loving sacrifice he made for us all.

Sight & Sound Millennium Theater

The Sight & Sound Theater takes the idea of a stage production to an entirely new level. The unique experience consists of a 300 foot wrap-around stage that encloses the audience on three sides. Large, life-size sets, state-of-the-art technology and live animals add to make a thrilling and immersive show. The Eshelman family, owners of Sight & Sound Theaters, have been presenting biblical stories to educate and entertain families since 1987. Their mission:

Our purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives of customers, guests and fellow workers by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures, through inspirational productions, encouraging others and seeking always to be dedicated and wise stewards of our God-given talents and resources.