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The Excellent Wife – Book Study

A women’s group will be meeting the first Saturday of each month to study The Excellent Wife
by Martha Peace. Please sign up on the sheet in the coatroom or contact the office if you are interested. The study will start on October 1st, 2022.

Who is an excellent wife? What is she like? Using the woman in Proverbs 31 as a model, trusted Christian counselor Peace offers detailed practical answers to questions most often asked by Christian wives. Her proven principles and scripturally based insights will encourage you to become the wife God wants you to be. This is a must-read for every Christian wife.

Martha Peace is a biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. She is the author of many books and speaks and teaches nationally and internationally. She and her husband Sanford reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Martha’s other books include Modesty: More than a Change of Clothes and Attitudes of a Transformed Heart.

There are Four Major Sections of the Book:

  • Foundational Truths for the Excellent Wife: A wife’s understanding, covering the Biblical concepts of God’s authority, sin, relationships, marriage and the wife’s role Biblically.
  • Faithful Commitments of the Excellent Wife: A wife’s responsibility: A deep analysis of the role of women in marriage from a Christian perspective. The author reminds the reader of the different roles of a wife – loving Jesus; loving, respecting and being submissive to her husband; taking care of her home; being united to her husband through the gift of intimacy.
  • Fulfillment of the Excellent Wife: A wife’s submission: the author gives practical advice on how a wife should effectively communicate with her husband and how to resolve conflicts in her marriage.
  • Sin Problems of the Excellent Wife: A wife’s special concerns: the author presents practical tools that can be used by a wife to overcome impatience, anxiety, loneliness and sorrow.