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NIH to Lift Ban on Using Human Stem Cells in Animal Research

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One of our responsibilities in the world is to be salt and light.  Our Lord calls us to be separate from the world, but not isolated from the world.  With the accelerated demise of our country, and ever changing moral climate, we want to keep you updated on current issues and opportunities to be voices of truth in our land.

Below is the latest on the actions being sought by the National Institutes of Health.

In the affection of Christ Jesus, Pastor Jim

NCHLA Reports:

On August 4, 2016 the NIH announced that it plans to lift its moratorium on funding research that involves injecting human embryonic stem cells into animal embryos thus creating part-human and part-animal organisms known as chimeras. This means that, for the first time, the Federal government will begin spending taxpayer dollars on the creation and manipulation of new beings whose very existence blurs the line between humans and non-human animals.

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