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Activities and information that promote our growth as Christians and our relationship with Christ within the corporate body of the Church.

The Evidence Of Being A Child Of God

1 John 3:14, 18 – We know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brothers and sisters. Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. THEME OF THE DAY: THE EVIDENCE OF BEING A CHILD OF GOD. All Christians experience seasons of doubt of whether or not they…

When You Just Have To Pray

First of all, the theme of the day is not about being in crisis and calling upon the Lord. Hopefully, we always resort to Him as our refuge and help in times of trouble. However, we are not looking at the urgency or even the desperation in situations prompting us to pray. This is about desire. Friends, this is a must discipline if we are to be changed into the image of Christ.

And He Loves Us Still

Imagine we set up a meeting to spend time together discussing life and things of the Lord. The day, time, and place are agreed upon. Soon, our appointment arrives. We meet in a nice and warm environment. Before our conversation begins, we must acknowledge something which will be extremely important for both of us. Go back and read today’s scripture. What is the character trait God displays which overwhelms, humbles, and produces worship in David, as expressed in today’s scritpure? It is His omniscience or God’s ability to know all things about David; his actions, thoughts, attitudes, and everything else between.

How To Ensure Our Worship Is Acceptable

Psalm 119:7 – I will praise You with an upright heart when I learn Your righteous rules. THEME OF THE DAY: HOW TO ENSURE OUR WORSHIP IS ACCEPTABLE Drop the word “worship” in a conversation among Christians. The dialogue will get lively quickly, even emotionally charged. We will hear words like, “Worship must be culturally relevant to reach today’s audience.” Be careful…

Would We Be Opened Next Sunday?

So, here is the scenario; imagine you and your family were the determining factors that kept your local church “in business” week to week. Would your contributions in giving of your resources, your active service, and faithful attendance keep your church open or would it have to close due to inactivity?

Loner Christianity is not Biblical Christianity

Living a privatized Christian life is simply disobedience to the Lord. The church is God’s idea, not ours and He created it to be a living community in His Son for the purpose of us growing and doing His work together. He did not suggest our active and sacrificial participation in His church. He commanded and expects such participation from us. The pattern from the early church is still in place as the pattern for today’s church.