Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ


Our Day of Judgment Part 2

Ecclesiastes 12:14 – For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil. A. Our Judge and Us Points 1 -3 are in Part 1. Who is our Judge? What qualities are in our Judge? What will be the standards of our judgment? What will be judged? Romans 8:1, John 5:25 – Our works: 1 Cor.…

Our Day of Judgment Part 1

In this sermon, Pastor Jim begins a two part message on our day of judgement by touching on first three of five concepts: who our Judge is, what qualities our Judge has, and the first two standards of of our judgement. In the final verse of Ecclesiastes Solomon acknowledges a universal judgement, which is confirmed throughout the old and new testaments. For believers, this judgement is not punitive but is still certain and should drive us toward a desire to please God, not fear Him. This will allow us to have a proper perspective on our judgement and approach every day and situation with eternal purpose.

The Whole of Life under the Sun: Fearing and Obeying God Part 3

In this sermon, Pastor Jim continues the dissection of Ecclesiastes 12:13 by analyzing the next point, obedience to God’s commandments. In this transition he explains that the first instruction, fear God, produces in us the second instruction, obey His commandments. Pastor Jim then details three reasons why we obey God: we are responding to God’s love; we desire God’s fellowship; and we desire to be more like Christ. Finally he wraps up with what heartfelt, loving obedience to God looks like.

The Whole of Life under the Sun: Fearing and Obeying God Part 2

In this sermon, Pastor Jim continues the exposition on the conclusion of Ecclesiastes. After a brief review of the previous week he launches into how the fear of God should influence and guide the life of the believer. Pastor Jim follows that up with a discourse on where a healthy fear of God originates from, its definition, and its evidences. He wraps up warning about the primary opponent to a true, healthy fear of God; pride.

The Whole of Life under the Sun: Fearing and Obeying God Part 1

Ecclesiastes 12:13 – The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. The Fear of God A. Its lack is the cause of the world’s misery/humanity’s selfishness Romans 3:18 B. Its dominant place in God’s Word Where there is a fear of God, there is a love of…