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Pastor Sultan Masih Found Shot Dead in India

Pastor Sultan Masih, 50, of Temple of God Church in Ludhiana was found shot dead July 15th. Ludhiana is the largest city in northern India’s Punjab state. His martyrdom took place in front of his church, two months after Hindu extremists witnessed his church celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Pastor Sultan was frequently harassed and threatened by people in the area and on the internet. On the evening of the 15th, while he talked on his cell phone outside of the church building, two young men on a motorcycle drove up to the pastor and shot him in his neck and chest. His family believes the attackers called him on his phone and told him to go outside.

Pray for Pastor Sultan’s wife, Sarabjit, and his family. Pray for the attackers and for them to be brought to justice. Pray for the church and its other leaders as it continues to be a light in its community amid growing opposition.

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