Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Keeping the Gospel Presence in Aleppo

An amazing group of Christian families have chosen to stay in Aleppo to serve as a light for Christ in their destroyed city. While surrounded by the violence of civil war between rebel fighters and government forces, these courageous believers represent the peace that passes all understanding. Christians in Aleppo are determined that their city will be rebuilt with help from the body of Christ.

From an earthly perspective, they would be better off finding someplace safe to live and raise their families. But God has called them to remain in Aleppo, and they are committed to obeying His call. Christian workers in Syria asked VOM to help a group of families who have chosen to stay, despite the danger. Out of the Christian families who chose to stay, most are already receiving support.

The Voice of the Martyrs has therefore committed to sponsoring the remaining families as they rebuild their lives and continue to witness for Christ in Aleppo. VOM agreed to provide funds that will help them rebuild their homes and reestablish their businesses.Their lives and witness will point the various factions – Sunni and Shia, rebel and government – to Isa al Masih, Jesus the Messiah.

Please pray that God will protect these families and other Christians in Syria, and that the gospel seeds they sow will yield a bountiful spiritual harvest. If you wish to also help financially you can visit the VOM donation page on