Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Developing A Consistent Christian Life

PSALM 92:1-2 – It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night.

THEME OF THE DAY. DEVELOPING A CONSISTENT CHRISTIAN LIFE. The Christian life is not like driving through a city with stop lights littered along the way. Some turn green not hindering our travel while some glare red stopping us on our journey. No, the Christian life is not lived with such spurts of stop and go activity. Nor is the Christian life a 100 yard dash lived out with a burst of quick energy on a fast track. It is a marathon of a slow walk in a clear direction. Yet all of us at times in our Christian experience know the inconsistency of spiritual green and red lights; those times when we are doing well, unhindered in our walks, but suddenly encounter the “red lights” of spiritual laziness, neglect, and lack of self-discipline. We simply sputter along like a car needing a tune-up. And what Christian has not experienced outbursts of energetic zeal in following the Lord but soon find exhaustion, fatigue, and a “cutting corners” on the spiritual disciplines like daily time in the Word and prayer settling into our lives? Yes, we are weak and prone to wander when it comes to a life of consistency in following the Lord. But there is hope. We can progress to a more disciplined and consistent spiritual experience with the Lord. Here are two things to consider as spiritual aids to help build consistency in our journeys with the Lord Jesus.

First, and foremost, don’t lose sight that the Christian life is just that – for life. It is not lived by a flurry of activities, busyness in Christian things, or an overly-extended schedule of Christian service. Nor is it propelled by extraordinary spiritual experiences like concerts, conferences, seminars, or books. These have their value, but the Christian life is a walk, a journey, and that at a pace that is not to be marked by burnout and stress. We walk, not run, with the Lord that is supposed to be cultivated daily by sitting at His Feet, enjoying His Presence, and conforming slowly, but surely, into His image. This cultivated Christian life occurs over a period of time, a lifetime, and it depends on daily feeding from His Word and communing with Him in prayer. However, none of those things defining the Christian life will occur if we are looking for “instant spirituality”, “drive-through spiritual maturity”, and live lives at a frenzied pace where we are overwhelmed by a too full schedule and give God our leftover time after the world has taken up the best of our time.

A second help toward building a consistent Christian life is found in today’s scripture. Notice how the Psalmist starts and ends his day – with God. As he rises in the morning, he reminds himself of and then proclaims God’s steadfast love. He orients his thinking heavenly on the God who is love before he enters into the fray of his day. Then before he turns the lights off at night, and lays his head on the pillow, he reminds himself of God’s faithfulness. I imagine he looked back over the day and saw how his God was so faithful to protect him, use him, forgive him, strengthen him, and all the other marvelous workings of God’s grace in his life. Maybe that is why he started his Psalm with thanksgiving? His pattern is a good one to follow.

We want consistency in our walks with the Lord. We can get there. Begin with seeing the Christian life for what it is, then start and end the day remembering God in His steadfast love and faithfulness to us. Such disciplines will build a life of spiritual consistency.

PRAYER: “Father, help me not go a day without remembering and proclaiming Your steadfast love and faithfulness.”

QUOTE: “To think about God at the break of dawn and at the end of the day will build a life walking consistently with Him.”