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QBC Shows Support for Nursing Home During COVID19

Several of the QBC Nursing Home Outreach team that regularly visits South County Nursing and Rehab gathered last Friday and again on Tuesday to “decorate” the trees with red ribbon. Ray, Joan, Virginia, Dana, Andrew, and Christine hung the ribbons to show support for residents and medical workers. Many of the residents, and workers caring for the residents and dealing with Covid-19, have been dear friends.

For the last couple of years the team has been going there to share the gospel and love. They could not approach the building but spent time in prayer for everyone living and working in the nursing home. During their time there, a couple of the workers come out to express their gratitude for the team coming, and thank them for the love they have shown. Ray shared a Scripture verse with them, and earlier the team had sent an email with a prayer.

Please continue to pray for this and all nursing homes in RI hard hit with the virus.