Thank you for visiting Quidnessett Baptist Church online. Founded in 1828, our church has been a long-term fixture in our community. From our beginning, to the present, and into the future, we want to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by a being a serving body of believers who make a difference in the lives of people. As you explore our church ministries and resources on this site, we hope you are encouraged and find it helpful.

Quidnessett Baptist Church Highlights
Worship & Instruction

From the Pulpit  

Seeing the Glory of Christ: A Journey Through John's Gospel

In the morning service,our desire is to see the glory of our Lord Jesus and be transformed as we grow deeper in our knowledge and experience of the unfathomable depth of Godís love for us.


Seeing the Glory in Christís Church

Together, we will be rediscovering the glory of Christ's church. Church is the primary means of growth in His people. Join us in our continued path of getting back to the basics.

If you are not able to attend our services, and desire to hear these series, you may access them under the audio sermon portion on our website.
Featured Book of the Month  

God in the Whirlwind by David Wells

This is an excellent look into Godís love and identifies some significant contemporary issues facing the church which will allow us to see just how controlled by Godís love we really are.


Bible Study


Women's Studies

Galatians For You by Timothy Keller

Galatians is all about the gospel - the gospel all of us need throughout all of our lives. See our Bible Study page for detailed information on this and other studies.

If you would like details or have questions about these studies, please visit our Bible Study page or contact the church office.
Fellowship & Evangelism


Prayer Meetings

May we encourage each other in our prayer life. Join us in our church or in our homes on Saturday and Sunday mornings or Wednesday and Friday evenings.


Road to Revival

It is revival that is the only answer for ourselves, our nation and His church to have and maintain fervent First Love for Him.


Radio Broadcast and Sermon Audio Archive

We invite you to listen to our broadcast every Sunday at noon on Life Changing Radio 1590 AM WARV. Our archived sermon series are also available for audio download.


The QBC Daily Nugget

The QBC Daily Nugget is a short portion of scripture with brief comment and an appropriate quote from Godly individuals to encourage us along the Christian way.