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Nepali Athlete Becomes a Christian, Risking Future

A young Nepali athlete has chosen to follow Christ, at the cost of losing all family support for his dream of becoming a professional. Unnat, a nationally recognized athlete, was born into a Hindu family. But after attending church with some Christian friends, he became convinced that faith in Jesus Christ was the only way to salvation. Upon graduation from high school, Unnat began attending a two-month discipleship school. In the middle of his studies, however, his family suddenly told him to come home. When he arrived, his father locked him in a room, but Unnat escaped after about a week and decided to be baptized immediately. He is now living with relatives who are not Christians, and his future in sports is in jeopardy because his parents will not support further training unless he stops attending church.

Please pray that God will provide Unnat with guidance and wisdom.