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Christian Man Kidnapped and Questioned in Uganda

A Christian convert from Islam was kidnapped by unknown attackers recently and questioned about his faith. At midnight, someone knocked on the door of Sohail’s rented home and called his name. When he answered the door, some men grabbed him, blindfolded him, and took him away.

His kidnappers, whom he never saw, asked him repeatedly why he had left Islam and moved to a new house. Sohail remained silent for while, but after repeated questioning he told them he could make any decision he liked. When they threatened to kill him, Sohail told them he was ready to die and would never change his mind. The next day, his kidnappers drove him back to a main road and released him.

When Sohail first became a Christian, his brothers chased him from the family home. Pray for the courage, faith, and safety of Sohail and his family.

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