Pleasing God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

He Will Never Stop

LUKE 4:13 – When the devil had finished every temptation, he left Him until an opportune time.

THEME OF THE DAY. HE WILL NEVER STOP. He has many names and titles identifying his activity in the world and against God’s people. Here is what we find describing him in the scripture and this is not all the references – Satan, devil, tempter, ruler of demons, evil one, enemy, liar, father of lies, murderer, ruler of this world, god of this age, angel of light, ruler of the authority of the air, adversary, roaring lion, dragon, old serpent, deceiver, and accuser.

Friends, this is the enemy we face daily and every moment of the day. Granted, we may not meet him face-to-face in the spiritual realm. Remember he is a created being not having the attributes of God of being in all places, at all times, but don’t let that lull us into ignorance of him. He has countless numbers of fallen angels doing his work at his bidding to include all the characteristics and activities of their evil master himself.

Based on what we may know of Satan by his names and titles, the Biblical proclamation of the warfare he wages against believers daily, and the fact he did not stop seeking to defeat the Lord the whole of our Lord’s life on earth, does it not force us out of necessity of spiritual survival to know our enemy well? But a follow-up question emerges – do we know our archenemy well? One of the most effective tactics of the devil used throughout human history and even into our 21st century against Christians is “practical unbelief” of his existence. Allow me to explain. Ask any true Christian if the devil exists, and they will quickly, with conviction, acknowledge, “Absolutely. He is real. No question.” Then ask this question next, “What difference is your profession of the reality of the devil and the war he is waging right now in your life make in your daily Christian life?” I think the odds are fairly high the responses to the second question will contain noticeable silence. Robert David Smart recently wrote an excellent book titled Waging War in an Age of Doubt. On the cover, above the title is this description of its contents, “It is a Biblical, theological, historical, and practical approach to spiritual warfare today.” In chapter three titled The Age of Doubt and the Conditions of Unbelief, he wrote, “Whatever Christians believe about the nature of spiritual warfare, they never engage in it.” Is he right? Is he right about me? You? The church at large in America?

I want to begin closing today’s nugget with a quote to ponder – “Christ, the Scripture, our own hearts, and Satan’s devices are the four prime things that should be first and most studied and searched. If any cast off the study of these, they cannot be safe here, nor happy hereafter. It is my work as a Christian, but much more as a watchman, to do my best to discover the fullness of Christ, the emptiness of the creature, and the snares of the great deceiver.” Really good, huh? It was written by a pastor named Thomas Brooks in the year 1652.

May the Lord help us to recognize the world we live in; a spiritual battleground under the temporary control of the god of this world, Satan, and arm ourselves with knowledge and the spiritual weaponry God has provided to fight this war victoriously for His glory.

PRAYER: “Father, forgive me when I forget I live in enemy territory on a battlefield and in constant warfare with the devil.”

QUOTE: “Forget we are in a spiritual battle, even for a minute, and certain spiritual defeat looms in your life.”