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Two Reasons To Get Out Of Bed

Galatians 2:20 – I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

THEME OF THE DAY. TWO REASONS TO GET OUT OF BED. I know today’s theme has obvious answers. We have responsibilities that won’t allow us to simply pull up the covers and snuggle in for a long winter’s day of sleep. Getting out of bed is a must. Family and vocational demands alone make us roll out each morning. But, be honest. On a dreary and cold winter morning when the sun is barely on the horizon, aren’t we a little wishful that we could just roll over and stay put for a little longer? And as we drag ourselves into the day, sometimes we need a little more than normal motivation; a little more inward energy to get us going. In today’s scripture, there are two spiritual truths which will energize and motivate us to get out of bed and into our day with eternal purpose. They go a long way in delivering us from early morning blues of entering the day a little lethargic with a sense of same old routine. These two truths enable us to start each day, no matter the season, with joy, purpose, and a rejoicing heart.

The first reason is because of Christ’s incredible love for us. And it is love, His love, shed abroad and overflowing in our lives, that makes every minute of every day worth living and worth living with spiritual zeal and direction. Think about this for a moment. When our hearts are cold and our spirits low, we easily just go through the motions and routines of life with a dullness that is anything but exciting. And if we stay focused on ourselves, life will become one of boring routine and daily drudgery in those routines. As this temptation seeks to get ahold of us, immediately go to the cross of Christ and see what love did. Meditate long on the sufferings of Christ which evidences His love for us and soon, very soon, our hearts will thaw and rejoicing replace the chill within. I would even suggest we seek the Lord and visit His cross BEFORE we put our feet on the floor and get out of bed. Start the day with the Lord, not our tasks or responsibilities on our hearts and minds. If we start each day at the foot of the cross looking at our suffering Savior, we will have a “spring” in our step as we roll out of bed and into the day. We will find ourselves energized and motivated by His love and Presence in our lives.

Another reason for getting out of bed and living life with joy, purpose, and rejoicing is our union in Christ. Notice what the Apostle Paul says of our relationship with the Lord Jesus; we died with Him and that He lives within us. Don’t rush over this profound reality. We have the Creator/Redeemer, not detached and indifferent to us, but real and alive within us by His Spirit. This means all the available spiritual resources we need to live for Christ and influence people for Him are ours; spiritual strength, joy, peace, direction, power, and love, to name a few. With Christ in us and living through us, we need not live on a spiritual plane of spiritual dullness or ineffectiveness. Each day may be met with hope, direction, and lived with eternal purposes guiding. From our home life, to the job, and to any and all other relationships and encounters, each day may be walked in the joy of the Lord who is dwelling within us.

So, we have reasons to get out of bed each day. Let’s ensure we don’t just do so because of earthly responsibilities. Allow the love and presence of Christ be the chief reasons for getting up each day. They will lead to a joyful life as God intended for His people who follow His Son.

PRAYER: “Lord, thank You for giving me the privilege to love You and give myself to You for Your service.”

QUOTE: “Let the life and sacrifice of Christ be the motivators to live life as a sacrifice to Him.”